We help adults with chronic pain in Hampton Roads, VA stop spinning their wheels and gain traction to live a life of freedom from reliance on pain medication and substances.

People Who We Help Include...

Busy Women and Moms

Who want to look healthier, feel more energized, and be able to run after kids all day

​​(even after going to their favorite workout class at the gym)...WITHOUT being bothered by pain or stiffness.

"On-the-go" Men and Dads,

Who know that their family NEEDS them and living with pain isn't good

​when they want to have the energy for work AND play...

Sensible Men and Women

Who know that painkillers are NOT the best answer and who feel let down by

the healthcare system that only offers medications and surgery.

Adults Preparing for Knee or Hip Replacement Surgery

Who know that preparation is KEY to the success of joint replacement surgery

​and want to get the best results and make their lives easier post-surgery without relying on opioids.

Health-Conscious Men and Women

Who want to keep their bodies pain free and healthy by eating right, taking vitamins,

and being active ​so they avoid the slippery slope of pain killers.

Need help quicker?

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Dr. Elizabeth Brewer PT, DPT

Elizabeth Brewer helps active adults and athletes in Hampton Roads stay healthy, mobile and pain free without pain meds, injections or time off from the workouts and activities they love.

Her interest in physical therapy started as an injured youth athlete. She spent a lot of time in PT in order to return quicker to competitive volleyball.

After becoming a PT, she spent several years working in a pediatric setting helping children with disabilities and their families live life to the fullest. However, she was burdened by the opioid crisis that was tearing apart her community and realized that she could be an avenue for change.

This realization and motivation was further emphasized as Elizabeth transitioned into an adult therapy setting and witnessed countless patients be prescribed medications to address their pain and mobility concerns with no regard to treating the cause of the problems through physical therapy and movement assessment/retraining.

Elizabeth decided she couldn't watch patients slow down their recovery time in large physical therapy "factories" or develop a dependency on pain medications that not only failed to address the true problems, but inevitably caused more.

Out of frustration with the way her family and friends were being treated and a burden for the opioid crisis ripping apart her community she founded Elizabeth Brewer Physical Therapy later renamed Traction Pain Relief & Wellness.

Here at Traction Pain Relief & Wellness, we empower adults to break free from the cycle of pain without dependency on pain medications or substances by utilizing movement as medicine. We LISTEN to what struggles you have, troubleshoot TOGETHER to determine their root cause, TALK about the best plan of action for YOU, and utilize PHYSICAL THERAPY as a tool to get you there faster. We do this by PERSONALIZING treatment for every individual we help. You will see a physical therapist (ready to be hands on) for every minute of every session.

Elizabeth graduated with a B.S. in Health, Physical Education and Exercise Science from Virginia Commonwealth University, and then completed her Doctor of Physical Therapy degree from Lynchburg College.

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Contact Info:

Ph: (757) 529-0276

Email: elizabeth@drbrewerpt.com

Web: http://www.tractionwellness.com


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