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Jan, 64, Hampton, VA

Pain is a funny thing, not ha-ha funny, but sad funny. For over 10 years, probably closer to 20, I have struggled with back pain to the point that I had an eleven hour back surgery in 2007. Three years later a disc somewhere in my back ruptured which affected feeling in my legs and feet. I have walked around for years, not knowing where my feet/toes were. There is always a feeling of sandpaper between my toes, but the worst part was that when I walked I had to totally concentrate on picking up my feet/toes or would find myself upended on the ground. How demoralizing.

I kept being referred to Physical Therapy. If I was lucky, I would get some kind of evaluation with the Physical Therapist, after that a PT Assistant or worse, be left to exercise on my own...was I doing it correctly? Why was I doing certain things? What would these exercises accomplish? I was never enlightened or educated, never...until I started seeing Dr. Elizabeth Brewer. Revealing the root problem was her total focus at our first appointment. To say I was screwed up is a gross understatement!

Since working with Dr. Brewer, I have been educated about what dysfunctions I have physically, how to correct them, what the exercises would do and how to correct and self-correct. I have new vigor, more confidence and finally feel like someone is helping me regain my mobility. I am no longer walking like an 80 year old, but more like my age appropriate.

My advice is to have a conversation with Dr. Brewer. Tell her what you have been experiencing and what you would like to change to feel whole again. Right now I am living proof that you can have a good quality of life again. I am walking upright and have a little sass in my step. God is good and in my opinion, so is Dr. Brewer. Get better...I did!

Anne, 76

On June 25, 2018, I had total knee replacement surgery of my left knee. Two and a half years ago, my right knee was replaced so I kind of knew what to expect for recovery. The difference between recovery following my right knee surgery and my left knee surgery has been Dr. Elizabeth Brewer. She was able to work with me for the 2nd and 3rd week following my surgery. She coached me into confidence that I could do what the pain was telling me I couldn’t do. She explained why I had pain and how each exercise, painful as they are, will help me gain full mobility if I will work through the pain. She not only explained how to do each exercise but demonstrated them for me and made sure that I was doing them correctly. I am 76 years young and I cried and yelled a lot because it hurt so much. When I was in immense pain, she calmly talked me through the pain while gently massaging the hurting areas.

One of the biggest differences between my right knee recovery and left knee recovery is my ability to go up and down stairs. After my right knee replacement, I explained to the PT that I had to go up 10 steps to get to my apartment. They never worked with me on stair mobility and from that surgery on, I took stairs two feet on each step. This time, however, Dr. Elizabeth worked with me on balance and gaining confidence that my left leg will hold me and that I can take the steps one step at a time foot over foot. On July 17, 2018, I walked the stairs to my apartment like a normal person, foot over foot, for the first time in over two and a half years.

Breathing correctly has also played a huge part in my recovery. Before, the PT would say, “you need to breathe”, but no one ever showed me how to breathe correctly while exercising. It definitely makes a difference. I would not have reached the goals I already have reached without Dr. Elizabeth.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

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